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Sustainability for Institutions and Businesses

CEO and Sustainability Directors are facing new challenges to meet ever increasing regulations and consumer demands… to improve sustainability.

Improved Efficiency = Improved Sustainability

Revelation Waste can help your company become more efficient. Sustainability depends on efficiency. Revelation Waste is a highly-focused sustainability and vendor management firm that provides institutions, businesses and “thought leaders” the expertise to help them reach sustainability objectives.

We help identify opportunities for savings and revenue from recycle and reuse materials. Optimizing tools and management services can improve waste, reuse and recycle efficiencies…and improve your bottom line.

Revelation Waste is not a vendor or broker. We help our clients manage vendors and hold them accountable. We are unique in that we are on the side of the client. Although Revelation Waste has strong relations with vendors, these companies often are tempted to divert recyclable and reuse to vendor owned landfills. Not on our watch! Revelation Waste keeps vendors accountable.

More and more institutions and businesses are meeting today’s new challenges of sustainability with the help of Revelation Waste. Businesses that utilize Revelation Waste services meet and exceed sustainability goals and requirements. Our data Matrix Management and IT support provides 100% transparency to our system wide integrated management system. Third party verification supports trust, confidence and confirmation that sustainability goals are achieved while supporting company image as a progressive environmental leader.

Sustainability services for institutions and businesses

Institutions and Universities

Institutions and University Accounts

Revelation Waste Partners provides custom waste, recycling, and sustainability solutions for institutions and university accounts

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Integrated Services

Integrated Services

Revelation Waste Partners provides waste and recycling service coordinating to integrate your waste and recycling services and manages your vendors.

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