Revelation Waste's newest waste and recycling optimization tool that maximizes dumpster efficiency and saves money

Chain Stores Optimizing Dumpsters

More and more Chain Stores are optimizing their dumpster efficiencies through the Dumpster Survey. Getting the best price on a dumpster from your vendors is important. However, Dumpsters are often overflowing with garbage or are being picked up when only partially filled… and that’s not very economical.

Waste or Recycle Dumpster Survey use

Using the dumpster survey is as simple as 1-2-3. The only tool you need is a smart phone or iPad. Just log in, take the initial photo of each waste or recycle dumpster, followed by a daily full level photo, indicate which dumpster you are reporting….and hit submit.

Revelation Waste Partners tracking and monitoring system

Revelation Waste will capture, monitor and track your dumpster efficiency. The quantitative analysis determines appropriate actions to assure your dumpsters are optimized…all with third party verification.