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Portal Packages

  • Ala Cart

  • Experience individual portal communications custom to your businesses waste needs with individual choices of tracking & services.

  • Sustainabilty Services
  • Financial
  • Unit Reporting Matrix 
  • Report Center
  • Device Service Feeds
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  • The Green Package

  • This package is perfect for Sustainability Focused Executives. If you can’t measure can’t manage it.

  • Sustainability
  • Unit Reporting
  • Includes "0" Report
  • Includes Handling Efficiency
  • 24/7 Support
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  • The Executive Package

  • Our most popular package for integrated service executives that demand instant and accurate communications.

  • Financial
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  • The Werks Package

  • The industry’s most comprehensive, integrated portal for executives that want it all, without compromise. 

  • Includes Executive Package
  • Includes Green Package
  • Service Management System
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Service Coordinating
  • Bill Coordinating
  • Sustainability
  • Financial
  • Unit Reporting
  • Report Center
  • Device Feeds
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Digital Device Portal

RWP’s innovative portal system keeps management well informed of actions from start to finish…all the way out the back door. Not only can this technology manage your waste, but it can be a key indicator to your main line production!

Revelation Waste Partners Portal Tracking Technology

Technology integrated with your numerous existing devices utilized to manage your waste, recycle and by-products.

Data provided in a single access point with capabilities of a single dashboard summation, to device specific summation, to a specific location’s detail on utilization and generation rates.   

baler usage monitoring

Ongoing tracking of usage as well as bale counting

onsite dester monitoring

Ongoing tracking of usage as well as weight tracking

compactor service monitoring

Automated call in of service, ongoing usage tracking

Scaling System Integration

Automated call in of service, ongoing usage tracking, even breaking down data by shifts, lines & areas of generation

open top monitoring

Automated call in of service, ongoing useage tracking

dashboard consolidation

Consolidated dashboard for all devices

Data Management Portal

RWP’s portal for executives that demand waste, recycle & reuse data into one consolidated portal for formalized  reporting and sustainability tracking.  Portal benefits include, financial trending, time management, vendor management, and operations accountability.

Revelation Waste founder Cole Doolittle

What's the Bottom Line...

A Note from the Engineer

So often when we initiate our work with a client, we find professionals responsible dedicate more time collecting and pooling data than actually using it! If improved financials and sustainability is your goal, wouldn’t you be better off focusing on new diversion improvements and cost reduction measures as the focus of your resources and time? Gone are the days of collecting and compiling of data.

Our portal based services originated from the simple idea of offering the benefits our professional staff utilize to other companies that have a “do it yourself” mentality. Data, regardless if you have one or one thousand service providers, at one or one hundred locations, is just clicks away. Data can be viewed in a consolidated manner with a high level summary or drilled down to a single stream of material at a specific location. Your team can now be empowered to produce.

Modules available in our portal services include focal points on Financial Data Monitoring and Sustainability Data Monitoring. We can even deliver to you Unit Comparisons, where we incorporate your matrix of data you provide specific to your companies productivity to cross reference financial and sustainability to your operations volume of work accomplished. And now, we even provide Device Monitoring, where equipment interface is installed so you can watch actual present time progress with your waste and recycling equipment on a dashboard. Imagine seeing discarded product as it is occurring, so you can prevent the loss!

Costs for this capability is much less expensive than you would think. Compare that to the value you gain with employee resources from controllers, operations staff, and managers no longer having to do the administrative tasks throughout each month of collecting, collaborating and consolidating data and you have streamlined value. Not a single figure has to be entered in by your staff to gain the end results. All with a stamp of validity by utilizing an independent 3rd party service, that generates the information in a consistently uniform manner.

This being accomplished without committing all your waste and recycling services to one single provider?

How do we do this without any of your staff’s involvement?

Contact me direct at 219-465-3864 and I will provide you a demo of the end results as well as answers to how your operations are truly hands free from the data time suck!

-Cole Doolittle, M.S.P.E.