Revelation Waste Partners 3rd Party Verification

Third Party Verification

Revelation Waste’s “Third Party Verification” provides clients the confidence and confirmation that sustainability goals are real…and this sends a powerful message to your board, employees and customers that your business is an environmental leader.

What this means to sustainability clients…

Many clients enjoy the benefits of letting their board, owners, shareholders, employees and customers know they are leaders in sustainability.  Third Party Verification confirms this achievement. Third Party Verification can also serve as a centerpiece for marketing and social media.  Third Party Verification lends credibility to this claim.

What this means to executives that are accountable for waste, recycle and reuse…

You do everything right!  You believe you have made corrective actions to assure your vendors, along with operations, are supporting your initiatives to divert recycle and reuse to proper streams.  Unfortunately, numbers don’t always confirm your intent.  This can create an embarrassing situation. Or worse…

…with accuracy, transparency, and attention to detail

Revelation Waste is not a vendor or broker.  We are unique in that we are on the side of the client. Although Revelation Waste has strong relations with vendors, it is subordinate to that of our relationship to you.  These vendor companies often are tempted to divert recyclable and reuse to vendor owned landfills. Hidden disclosures often trigger rate increases when overcharges are overlooked and paid.  Not on our watch!  Revelation Waste keeps vendors accountable.  Third Party Verification is the means of which we measure accountability.

Industrial Accounts

industrial Accounts

The bill coordinating team at Revelation Waste is committed to giving clients the time required to hold the waste and recycle vendors accountable.

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Chain Accounts

chain accounts

These Project Management strengths are applied and integrated so that tight management practices can be held with regard to your long-term service coordinating, bill coordinating, and information technology efforts.

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Institutions and Universities

institutions and university accounts

We help identify opportunities for savings and revenue from recycle and reuse materials. Optimizing tools and management services can improve waste, reuse and recycle efficiencies…and improve your bottom lines.

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Sustainability vendor management programs

Vendor management and expert solutions for waste and sustainability tailored for industrial accounts provided by Revelation Waste Partners.

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