Making Dumpster Management Simple.

More and more Chain Stores are optimizing their dumpster efficiencies through the Dumpster Survey. Getting the best price on a dumpster from your vendors is important.  However, Dumpsters are often overflowing with garbage or are being picked up when only partially filled… and that’s not very economical.

More and more Chain Stores are utilizing Revelation Waste to simplify dumpster management and take on the challenges associated with managing numerous dumpster vendors, locations, schedules, etc. All functions, services and billing centralized and made simple. Our job? Take on the head-aches associated with dumpster management and be there when issues arise.

Grocery Store and Chain Solutions

With local area market expertise, Revelation Waste can improve efficiencies and leverage better prices and services.  We handle dumpster issues. We hold vendors accountable for promised service levels. We centralize the billing.  Imagine numerous vendors and locations consolidated into one digital invoice, with the confidence of 100% transparency.

Optimization tools maximizes dumpster efficiencies.  We work with you and your staff to determine where every piece of waste goes, what life it will have, and what role it serves in attaining your sustainability goals.  Revelation Waste can help you boost profitability, and as times change, enhance your green image and minimize regulatory risk by making environmental practices an integral part of your daily operations.  In addition to improving your bottom line, Revelation Waste can provide quantitative data that supports your image as an environmental leader.

Organics Recycling

Revelation Waste identifies opportunities for savings and revenue from recycling and reuse.  Organics is no exception with this subindustry developing from infancy to practical functionality.  This is not a time to explore the options without experience and expertise.  Additionally, tracking and monitoring improves efficiency and sustainability efforts.  Quantitative verification supports branding efforts.

Revelation Wastes newest waste and recycle optimization tool maximizes dumpster efficiencies and saves money.  Using the dumpster survey is as simple as 1-2-3. The only tool you need is a smart phone or iPad.  Just log in, take the initial photo of each waste or recycle dumpster, followed by a daily full level photo, indicate which dumpster you are reporting….and hit submit.  Revelation Waste will capture, monitor and track your dumpster efficiency.  The quantitative analysis determines appropriate actions to assure your dumpsters are optimized…all with third party verification.

Most dumpsters are scheduled when they are only 70% filled

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25% lower rate than your vendor's best rate

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Optimizing Dumpster Survey

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Take a photo of empty dumpster

2. Take a photo of dumpster at daily-full level

3. Indicate dumpster location and click 'send'

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Revelation Waste’s efficiency tools, such as the dumpster survey, can help your business’s improve your waste, reuse and recycle efficiency. The dumpster Survey is ideal for multi-location clients with grocery stores, convenience stores, franchises, restaurants and retail operations.


Service Coordinating

Revelation Waste services includes managing vendors, enforce service level obligations, centralized (digital) bill coordination, and bookkeeping that can integrate with our accounting systems.  We provide individual waste, recycle and reuse service management as specified, or we can integrate all functions, serving as your integrated waste, recycle and reuse department.



Hear stories from some of our many satisfied clients and customers and how Revelation Waste Partners saved them on waste and recycling costs by identifying inefficiencies.

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