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CASE STUDY: Kettle Chips was known for its consciousness since it started in 1978, fresh ingredients, treat people right, and commitment to sustainability. Long before it was fashionable, Kettle thrived to be green.  Being sustainable in the early days was often defined by simple efforts, such as recycling. 

While some companies today are targeting organics with a small token compost container, the bosses at Kettle want more.  Being a sustainability leader is part of their culture.  The bosses at kettle gave their management team a directive. Become the industry leader in waste, recycle and reuse.  Always looking for an edge with smart solutions, the management team brought in Revelation Waste, a third party efficiency company that can target organics with the expertise, tools, and technology to compliment there team.  

RW Portal communicates all facets of waste streams...instantly

Always looking for an edge with smart solutions, the management team brought in Revelation Waste, a third party efficiency company that can target organics with the expertise, tools, and technology to compliment there team.

Why would a company with some of the industries most talented managers bring in a consulting team? Because failure was not an option.

With so many potential solutions, each with logistics and handling equipment variations, optimizing organics management can be complicated. Revelation Waste was able to offer Kettle’s management team the ability to measure and use quantitative data to support its efforts. Each interwoven in design to maximize revenue with varying commodity markets, while minimizing expenditure thru both purchasing and operational adjustment tactics.   

Success! Efficiency improvements, less headaches, and the boss is happy!

Ongoing efforts now has Kettle continuing into their 5th organics target, including some automated hauling service integration.   

With logical review of data, and economic figures in  support, decisions by Kettle’s management have been swift and operations moved in unison to promptly capture. RWP’s innovative portal system keeps management well informed of actions from start to finish…all the way out to the back door.   

According to RWP’s Cole Doolittle, “our job is to improve waste stream efficiency, reduce costs, and take on managements headaches.  The bottom line, our job is to reduce costs and make our clients look good… that’s the ingredients for Kettle’s success story. See what a stellar success Kettle Chips has been in our short video.  

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Revelation Waste founder Cole Doolittle

What's the Bottom Line...

A Note from the Engineer

If you don’t measure, how can you be sure of success? We approach each project first by benchmarking current services and practices. Noting specifics in contracts, current billings and settlements, as well as present day practices on site, we formulate a site specific financial model. Without this case specific benchmark, you will be measuring against nothing, which will result in a complete failure before you even start.

The project then approaches the exploration of different potential solutions. Or what I commonly call the “What if game”. Consideration of the intertwined nature of impacting variables such as equipment expense, logistic options, and competitive market identification of every line item expense. Heavy review and confirmation is not only needed with identifying alternative solutions for a stream of material, but also with challenge to current practice costs making your benchmark. Shuffle the confusion with the impacts of the specific Local Area Market and you are into very complex solution being navigated for the optimum.

Now take the exploration results in comparison with the benchmarking, and you can make sound decisions with a confident dollar impact being known. Next, build the vendor management system that addresses service, billing, and continual improvement that understands and maintains the system now built. And finally, setup an ongoing comparison system with real time data every month, and you have the ongoing management program that keeps results in place. Most projects fall dead on arrival or shortly thereafter without any one of these knowledge, experience, or management components.

The point… with accurately projected decision making, coupled with an efficiently run management system, you will cut your bottom line! -Cole Doolittle

Note: Disclosure-

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