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Cole Doolittle, Revelation Waste Partners

8 Ways to improve Dumpster Efficiency & Reduce your Waste & Recycle Costs

by Cole Doolitte

January 24, 2017

So you've negotiated your best dumpster's how you can reduce cost by an additional 25%

1. Optimizing tools indicate most waste will be corrugated cardboard. Efficiency can be improved through reducing volume. Flatten corrugated cardboard. Optimizing Tools, such as Offsite Compact Service Monitoring can audit to determine cost effectiveness ofa cardboard compactor.

2. Include recycling information and sustainability policies in your orientation for new employees. 

3. Consider holding contests for best ideas to improve waste/recycle efficiently  

4. Educate staff and janitorial of trash and recycle separation procedures.

5. Educate grounds maintenance of the reasons why yard waste should not be mixed with other wastes.

6. Confirm managers of public areas (restaurants, shopping malls, and plazas) are provided with containers for recycling that are conveniently accessible.

7. Put up signs to tell customers your commitment for recycling and sustainability. This sends a powerful message to your customers and employees that your company is an environmental leader...and that you care.

8. Utilize optimizing tools, such as the "Smart Phone Dumpster Survey" and other optimizing tools to assure efficiency of waste and recycle pick-up. Sustainability starts with efficiency.

Sustainability is efficiency. Optimizing tools and services in conjunction with a work culture dedicated to sustainability is more than good for your company's saves money! Success in waste reduction requires staff and customer involvement. Consider third party waste expertise to keep vendors accountable for efficiencies. Many third party experts, such as Revelation Waste, can help identify means of optimizing waste, recycle, and reuse. In addition, these companies offer advance optimizing tools to assure efficiences. Revelation Waste has optimizing tools....these firms are not vendors or brokers, and therefore offer complete transparency with the benefits of third party verification.