CEO’s and senior level leaders often cite the ability to integrate services and departments as a characteristic they look for in managers.

Internal politics, variance in priorities, and lack of communications are often obstacles that create barriers that prevent managers from integrating waste, recycle and reuse functions and services. To compound the matter, the inability to measure and monitor actions will prevent managers from having the ability to benchmark progress, resulting in the inability to substantiate sustainability claims.  This added responsibility of managing waste, recycle and reuse can prevent managers from achieving their primary responsibilities and create unnecessary stress.

Although the efficiency of integrating services is often an unrealistic approach internally, the benefits of an integrated waste, recycle and reuse department can effectively be implemented through the integrated services provided by Revelation Waste Partners.  Although Revelation Waste’s services can be utilized individually, combining all services (including project management, service coordinating, bill coordinating and IT) to work together can provide the advantages of having an in-house integrated waste, recycle and reuse department. Revelation Waste is not a broker or vendor, but rather a waste efficiency company that can help managers control vendor functions and billing. Local Market Area Expertise assures confidence in bidding and negotiations with complete system transparency.  Multi-vendor billing is conveniently centralized and monitored for inaccuracies.  Revelation Waste is unique in that, unlike vendors, they are on the side of the generator.

Successfully integrating waste, recycle and reuse while improving efficiencies with third party verification may also improve sustainability objectives, thus creating accolades for the company.  The ability to measure and monitor actions can create benchmark data that permits measurable improvements…and this leaves managers looking good.

Integrated Services from Revelation Waste is a new approach to efficiently help you execute the task of managing waste, recycle and reuse.  Services include Project Management, Service Coordinating, Bill Coordinating, IT support and Sustainability Services.

Project Management

Whether you’re an engineer or purchasing agent, you’ll appreciate the benefits of contributions to your waste disposal, recycle and diversion efficiencies.

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Service Coordinating

Revelation Waste Partners provides waste and recycling service coordinating to integrate your waste and recycling services and manages your vendors.

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Bill Coordinating

The bill coordinating team at Revelation Waste is committed to giving clients the time required to hold the waste and recycle vendors accountable.

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IT Support

Revelation Waste provides clients the latest software and technological tools and  customer friendly support to implement its use.

Sustainability Services

Revelation Waste is a highly-focused sustainability and vendor management firm that provides the expertise needed to meet sustainability objectives.

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