Want to make the waste and recycle billing headaches go away? We have the time!

Vendor accounting for waste, recycling and reuse can be  time consuming and often frustrating responsibility most billing departments don’t have.  Comptrollers and Accountants are expected to take on the added responsibility of holding numerous vendors accountable for billing, auditing and contract enforcement.  Multi-locations, numerous services, contract obligation and clauses….how do you keep track?  Keeping these vendors accountable takes time most busy billing departments don’t have.  Frequently, vendor contracts have overcharges and hidden clauses that trigger rate increases if unnoticed and paid. These increases add up and can create an embarrassing circumstance.  Not on our watch.

The Bill Coordination team at Revelation Waste is committed to giving clients the time required to hold the waste and recycle vendors accountable. Our clients enjoy peace of mind that comes with accuracy, transparency and attention to detail.

Expertise Includes:

  • Monthly line item audit
  • Customized integration uploads for your accounting software
  • Bill correction action
  • Consolidated billing, paperless invoicing, and accounting uploads
  • Contract enforcement
  • Customized software integration
Bill coordinating by Revelation Waste Partners

We keep our clients waste, recycle and reuse vendors accountable….with accuracy, transparency & attention to detail.

Our Satisfied Clients

Project Management

The bill coordinating team at Revelation Waste is committed to giving clients the time required to hold the waste and recycle vendors accountable

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Service Coordinating

These Project Management strengths are applied and integrated so that tight management practices can be held with regard to your long-term service coordinating, bill coordinating, and information technology efforts.

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IT Support

We help identify opportunities for savings and revenue from recycle and reuse materials. Optimizing tools and management services can improve waste, reuse and recycle efficiencies…and improve your bottom lines.

Integrated Services

Vendor management and expert solutions for waste and sustainability tailored for industrial accounts provided by Revelation Waste Partners.

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