"This has been an awakening for us. I’m so thankful that we chose to hear you out, because your efforts have resulted in substantial savings. Your services have provided financial gain & peace of mind, knowing that we are now managing these expenses as efficiently as possible. "


"Your detail and accuracy have been key to identifying savings, that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. American Airlines has enjoyed financial gains we had not thought possible through your waste, recycling, and reuse services. I strongly recommend Revelation’s audit capabilities to any company. "

-American Airlines

"It would be difficult for any accounting or purchasing agent to be fully aware of the resources you’ve brought to the table. Our municipal waste handling costs have decreased by 51% since our program started between our three locations addressed by the audit. It is with pleasure that I recommend your firm to others."

-Flower Foods

"We are now enjoying a 38% savings in our waste disposal expenses at our South Carolina WABCO manufacturing facility, and have substantially improved recovery and revenues for our scrap-recycling programs. It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I recommend Revelation Waste Partners to other industrial and manufacturing concerns."


"Your partnership helped us find a selling market for several materials that we otherwise did not have a solution for recycling. You are always available to promptly answer our questions and quickly communicate our needs to vendors. Your customer service & professionalism are top notch."

-Sherwin Williams